The POGIL National Meeting (PNM) is a working meeting intended for active members of the POGIL community to participate in important tasks to further the mission of The POGIL Project, guided by its Strategic Plan.

The PNM is held annually in May/June at Washington University in St. Louis. Attendance at the PNM is by application.

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The National Conference for Advanced Practitioners (NCAPP) is designed for POGIL practitioners to gather together and share ideas, challenges and research regarding using POGIL in their classrooms. The format includes various types of participant-centered sessions where practitioners can share their ideas for new POGIL activities, explore challenges related to using the POGIL format, and work with others to design new POGIL activities or methods of implementation.

NCAPP occurs every two years in late June.  The next NCAPP will take place in June of 2019.  Attendance at NCAPP is by application.

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